Hearing Chuck Colson

One of the advantages of attending a church like Saddleback is having access to significant contemporary Christian leaders like Chuck Colson (who spoke in the two Saturday services today). You can tell from my picture (above) that we ended up in the nose-bleed seats because we were only 15 minutes early! He was there in part to share his latest book The Faith (which is due to be released in March).

What I appreciated about what he had to share was not so much “content-related” as “life-related.” His simple and mature faith encouraged and inspired me. He shared his deep concern about the state of the church in North America. He spoke of the need to care for those with real needs (like his work with prisoners through Prison Fellowship). I especially appreciate a comment he shared about our assurance of faith coming as a fruit of our own transformed lives. I would paraphrase: “I know I am His because of what He has done in and through me.”