A Good Word: A Definition of Spiritual Direction

“I define spiritual direction as the interaction between one person, trained to listen for the movement of God, and another who desires to develop and cultivate an intimate, personal relationship with God. This process requires commitment to openness and honesty.” (Tisdale, Theresa Clement, Carrie E. Doehring, and Veneta Lorraine-Poirier. “Three Voices, One Song: A Psychologist, Spiritual Director, And Pastoral Counselor Share Perspectives On Providing Care.” Journal of Psychology & Theology. Spring 2003, p. 53.)

From whom are you receiving such a relationship? To whom are you extending such a relationship.

(Let me know at alan@tli.cc if I can serve you in such a way…I’m cultivating more and more phone and video Skype spiritual direction relationships these days. New technologies and ancient practices meet).