A Call to Spiritual Formation (San Antonio)


Link: A Call to Spiritual Formation

The link above will take you to a statement about the critical need for spiritual formation in the church that was finalized and presented at last week’s Renovaré International Conference in San Antonio, TX. I urge to you click there if you haven’t already at someone else’s invitation. I can think of few more important opportunities as it relates to the future of spiritual formation in the church.

I was honored to be one of the fifty “crafters” present before the conference began to review, refine and finalize this statement. It was a remarkable gathering that included Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Eugene Peterson and many other key leaders in the spiritual formation movement. I have memories of words and phrases that were added or removed from this version that you read now. I sat across the table from Eugene Peterson who had a couple of crisp suggestions for language here or there. It was amazing to see him at work. As we hit the end and were seeking a strong sentence of invitation, Dallas Willard only half jokingly suggested the last line be something like: “So have you anything better to do?” Hilarious!

On the Tuesday of the conference, Chris Webb presented the document in a general session of the Renovaré International Conference and invited attendees to join the crafter team in making a similar affirmation and to signing the document.  We collected the signatures of hundreds who accepted his invitation.

I invite you to join me and a growing group of others who have read, reflected on and affirm this statement as signers. Please click through to the website to learn more and respond.