Google Search Landings

One of the features I like about as the host of my blog is the statistics I can view. For example, based on sending out a “best of” email earlier today, my blog has had more views today than on any other day in the last two months.

Another interesting statistic is a listing of Google searches that led to my blog page. Here is a summary of the most common searches that ended up on my blog:

  1. Alan Fadling (blog) [35 searches]
  2. Renovare (San Antonio) [32 searches]
  3. NT Wright (Book of Acts) [30 searches]
  4. (Ministry) burnout (statistics) [27 searches]
  5. Miscellaneous [23 searches]

What amazes me is that the ministry burnout searches are landing on my site up until now because of just one post with some statistics I posted. The Renovaré searches have found my summary reflections on the main sessions. And the N. T. Wright searches found my listings of YouTube videos, mostly from his teaching on the book of Acts.

And I’ve had blog visitors from some interesting locations in the last couples of months. (I’m really not sure who my friends in Belgium are):

United States (US) 1,674 visits
Canada (CA) 41
United Kingdom (GB) 39
Belgium (BE) 26
Australia (AU) 11
India (IN) 10
Philippines (PH) 8
Europe (EU) 6
Germany (DE) 5
Spain (ES) 4
Ireland (IE) 3
South Africa (ZA) 3
Switzerland (CH) 3
Indonesia (ID) 2
Mexico (MX) 2
Singapore (SG) 2
Sweden (SE) 2
Austria (AT) 1
Brazil (BR) 1
Egypt (EG) 1
France (FR) 1
Guam (GU) 1
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) 1
Italy (IT) 1
Japan (JP) 1
Kazakstan (KZ) 1
Korea, Republic of (KR) 1
Malaysia (MY) 1
New Zealand (NZ) 1
Poland (PL) 1
Thailand (TH) 1
Ukraine (UA) 1
Vietnam (VN) 1
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