Leaders Need Unhurried Time

A time of interaction by key leaders of Open Doors International (with pitcher/cup..saucer/plate metaphor in the foreground)

Yesterday, The Leadership Institute led a retreat/training day for the international board and some national directors of Open Doors International (with Brother Andrew) who were gathered here in Southern California. There were Open Doors leaders from the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and the States. They were gathered for a few days of meetings to work on key decisions and strategy for their ministry going forward. The Institute had the privilege of crafting a first day for this team that was focused on unhurried time alone with God, together in community and praying for our various ministry fields. It’s so easy to jump to the work of God without giving our first and best attention to the face of God, being the people of God. The biblical sequence, affirmed time and again over the centuries, is communion (with God), community and ministry.

I was so encouraged to hear these leaders, who carry great ministry and leadership responsibility, express appreciation for the chance to come to God first as a beloved son or daughter. Many shared how such time in solitude, silence and prayer helped them see their lives and their responsibilities from a more spacious and restful perspective. From this place of experienced relationship, they will begin their board meetings today and tomorrow from a wonderfully different place. I love the work of The Leadership Institute. What an honor to serve such graced leaders. Would you take a moment to pray for them?

All of this reminded me of a post from October 2009 in which I talked some about the strategic value of following Jesus in His own pattern of occasional withdrawal to solitude places to just be with the Father. (I’m remembering the words that a board member from Norway shared as we debriefed our half-day of solitude. She shared how much she appreciated the gift of just being with God in a beautiful park setting. Fruitful doing for God is rooted in restful being with God.)

Below is the post:

LINK: Burnout Isn’t Necessary

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