More of God, Less of Me

Eugene Peterson is one of my favorite authors on spirituality and ministry. The quotation below will give you a sense of why I appreciate his wise simplicity:

“I want to simplify your lives. When others are telling you to read more, I want to tell you to read less. The world does not need more of you; it needs more of God. Your friends do not need more of you; they need more of God. And you don’t need more of you; you need more of God.

“The Christian life consists in what God does for us, not what we do for God; the Christian life consists in what God says to us, not what we say about God. We also, of course, do things and saying things; but if we do not return to Square One each time we act, each time we speak, beginning from God and God’s Word, we will soon be found to be practicing a spirituality that has little or nothing to do with God.” (Eugene Peterson. Subversive Spirituality. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1994, 1997, p. 30)

Oh Father, may my life be more focused on You and less focused on my experience of You. May You be magnified in my vision and may I be diminished. Amen.

2 thoughts on “More of God, Less of Me

  1. Enjoyed this quote immensely, as it resonates with me on a deep level. God has been really reaching the depths of my struggle to ‘do’ rather than to just ‘be’ with Him. It is the rhythm that He wants us to be in with Him; a rhythm of waiting, listening, and then doing. I am working on a book and one of the things that God has laid on my heart to write about is this spiritual cadence, this keeping in step with Him. I call it a spiritual circadian rhythm – needing to be in step with Him throughout our day, not just at bible study, or on Sundays, or with our Christian friends. That we lie down at night, and we know He’s with us because we are still listening to Him. That we wake up, and He’s right there. With us as we begin a new day. Our every breath in and breath out, He’s there. Its’ our Square One; it’s Him being with us and having a constant awareness that He is.

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