Burnout Isn’t Necessary 2

Sometime back, I wrote “Burnout Isn’t Necessary.” I reflected on Jesus’s invitation to come to Him to find rest. Last week, as Journey Generation 18 began, there was one theme in the sharing and conversations that rose above the others—burnout! And this was a very capable group of leaders. High level leaders sometimes think that burnout is only for those who aren’t strong.

But I don’t think burnout is a factor of strength or weakness. I’ve seen leaders with twelve cylinder engines burnout. The main factor in burnout is not whether you have a Ferrari-sized engine or a VW-sized one. Any engine can burnout. It is more about consistent maintenance and care. Burnout is the product of failing to make enough space for rest, for creative expression, for relationship with God and with good friends. These are the water and oil that help our engines continue to function well over time.

If you are feeling weariness than you should, what kind of attention might your engine need?