A Good Word: No Life Without Passion

I came across this in my journal from a while back:

“…life without passion is no life at all. The sober truth is that there is no new life without passion. No baby was ever conceived without passion; no great poem was ever produced without passion; no great piece of music was ever composed without passion. Passion is what takes us beyond the superficiality of life to a deep and wonderful glow in which we learn to care.” (Elton Trueblood. “The Courage to Care.” The Yoke of Christ and Other Sermons. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1958, p. 78.)

How is God tending and stirring your passion for Him at this stage of your journey? What moves you? What touches you? What makes you laugh or cry?

(I’d be grateful for your prayers today as I give my “Much More Fruitful” presentation today at Fuller Seminary in Julie Gorman’s “Adult Spiritual Formation” class. Always a treat. I’ve been doing this now for seventeen years, I think. Yikes!)