Waiting for an Unhurried God

Today (Monday) begins an extended window of work on my Unhurried Time writing project. The ministry busyness of recent months has been a season of thinking and reading on the theme, but not doing much writing. Now, I have no preaching, retreat leading or teaching commitments between now and April 9. In preparation last week, I was reviewing my notes from Eugene Peterson’s Tell It Slant (Eerdmans 2008) and came across this:

“God is not in a hurry. We are repeatedly told to ‘Wait for the Lord.’ But that is not counsel that is readily accepted by followers of Jesus who have been conditioned by promises of instant gratification…. Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, one of our great modern Isaianic prophets who had extensive experience with violence in two World Wars, wrote, ‘The greatest temptation of our time is impatience, in its full original meaning: refusal to wait, undergo, suffer. We seem unwilling to pay the price of living with our fellows in creative and profound relationships.” (Peterson, Eugene. Tell It Slant. Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2008, p. 72.)

Reflection question:

  • Where are you feeling the most impatient in this season of your life? How might that be the very place where God is seeking to deepen your roots of unhurried relationship with Him and with others?

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5 thoughts on “Waiting for an Unhurried God

  1. Alan, I continue to be impatient with people and their spiritual growth (or lack thereof!). God keeps talking to me about this. I thank Him for His patience with ME!

  2. Hi Alan,
    I didn’t have a chance to read this until today and it just so happened that I was tested in the area of patience at a car dealership today (long story) It seems that others think their time more valuable than mine. This happened to Mark at the dentist last week where he waited 2 1/2 hours for 2 of our children to have checkups (no cleanings – that’s another appt.). He was so upset that they overbooked themselves to that extent. For the last 2 weeks I’ve found that people aren’t returning my calls in a timely manner and have acted very unprofessional in various scenarios. I don’t understand how businesses can function in this manner and stay in business and yet they do.

    It’s so easy to answer the first question as to where I’m feeling the most impatient. How the Lord may be seeking to use this in me is difficult to ponder. Prayerfully, I will be a good student and learn to wait for the Lord, patiently and allow him to reveal how i can be a blessing to others because of these experiences.

    1. Hey Shawn…glad this Peterson goodie helped. I sure appreciate it. Working on the book proposal this morning. Every single hurried cell in my body is suggesting I clear my desk, mow the lawn, weed a flowerbed, use the leaf blower on the side walkway. What does it say when those chores sound more inviting than the writing I say I want to do!!

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