Tested Faith is No Game


(Today, my last full day in the Dominican Republic, I will spend at a remote Trappist monastery above Jarabacoa working on my book project on “Unhurried Time.” The quiet in this location is like a soft blanket on a cold morning. I’d be grateful for Your prayers that my heart and mind would be attentive to whatever God may wish to give me as I write. Thank you!

I fly out of Santo Domingo tomorrow afternoon and arrive at LAX midnight. I will unlike be able to approve or respond to comments them. Thanks for your patience.)

I appreciated hearing Emilie Griffin present at the “Jesus Way” conference sponsored by Renovaré in San Antonio, TX back in July 2009. I returned to my excerpts from her book, Clinging, and found this one:

“Yet we experience trials. We say they are tests, and so they are. Not that God is playing games with us. Far from it. Instead, as our love deepens and our capacities grow, He lets us share in the very reality that lies at the center of things. And we sense this growth as a cross. The stretching is painful. But in the letter of James, we are told not to think, ever, that evils are sent to us from God.” (Emilie Griffin, Clinging. New York: McCracken Press, 1994, p. 82)

When you experience seasons when you feel your faith is being stretched to near the breaking point, how do you feel towards God? How psalm-honest do you pray the truth of your heart to Him? Are you able to begin recognizing the realities to which He is awakening you?

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