Community is Indispensible

IMG_8089“It is a matter of experience that we cannot go on indefinitely, nor can we witness effectively, without fellowship, God often brings the most spiritually mature people up against a blank wall in order to teach them this. They reach an impasse, something they cannot deal with alone. Then they discover the absolute necessity of fellowship with others in Christ, and learn the practical values of the corporate life. But when once this is known there is a new fruitfulness.” (Watchman Nee. Changed Into His Likeness. Wheaton: Tyndale House Publishers, 1967, 1978, p. 55)

Think about places in your journey where you may have felt stuck, frustrated, or less fruitful than you had hoped. How might this be a place where God is inviting you to enter more deeply into supportive community and a more shared work of God? Why not take a few moments to talk this over with the Lord?

(A repost from November 2009)

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