Psalm 105: Remembering God’s Wonders

Psalm 105:5
Remember the marvels He has done;
His wonders and the judgements of His mouth. 

God invites me to remember. I must take this invitation to heart because I so easily forget them. And my forgetfulness gets me into trouble. I forget remarkable things I have witnessed, even in the last few weeks or months. I have seen You meet with those who have languished and wrestled for months with hard things. I’ve watched You solve in a moment what people have wrestled with for month, years or longer.

I have witnessed You heal families that were humanly irreconcilable. I have seen You change hearts that were beyond human hope. No one else could have done that. I have seen You bring refreshment to souls that were utterly exhausted, hope to those who were even beyond despair, new focus to those who were frantic and distracted, peace to those struggling with  anxiety, companionship to those who felt deeply lonely.

You really are a God of marvels and wonders, not just in ancient days, but today. Thank You. Enable me to richly remember Your wonders today. Please widen my perspective beyond difficult present moments.

4 thoughts on “Psalm 105: Remembering God’s Wonders

  1. “Please widen my perspective beyond difficult present moments.” What a wonderful prayer for tough times. Seems as though the enemy always seeks to limit our vision while God seeks to expand it. “Turn our eyes toward heaven” becomes more than just a religious phrase…looking up is life. Looking into my self (or my own ability to fix these present difficult moments) will almost surely bring even more despair. Thanks for the reminder Alan. I can’t tell you how much encouragement these posts bring.

    1. I’ve been finding that a lot of my prayer is more about my feelings, my troubles, my requests, etc., rather than being about God’s presence, God’s goodness, God’s generosity, etc. It makes all the difference. Thanks for checking in!

  2. Amen, His amazing lovingkindness’, timely touches, wonderous miracles are indeed new every morning. May my heart ponder how gracious, generous, and good He has dealt with me, my loved ones, the victims of Hurricane Irene, the church universal. Lord, I desire to set my mind on things above and not on things that are on this earth.

    1. Dan – it’s good to let God give us time to remember all His wonders to us. Opens our hearts and minds to His goodness in the midst of challenges. Great to hear from you.

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