Book Recommendation: Henri Nouwen and Spiritual Polarities

I’m pleased to welcome the release of the third book in Wil Hernandez’s trilogy on the life and ministry of Henri Nouwen, titled Henri Nouwen and Spiritual Polarities: A Life of Tension. He writes out of his deep doctoral research on Henri Nouwen. Wil does a masterful job of helping us enter into one of Nouwen’s significant contributions, that of being able to hold together dynamics that tend to push many of us into “either/or” thinking. Nouwen was able to live and describe a vital tension between self-owning and self-giving, woundedness and healing, solitude and community, compassion and confrontation, and suffering and glory, to name a few. Rather than choosing a preferred side of this tension, Nouwen (and Wil) invite us into the fruitful embrace at the center of these tensions. I heartily recommend it.

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