A Story from the Journey

People often ask me what exactly is “The Journey” that I lead for The Leadership Institute. I’m always grateful when one of our alumni shares about their own experience. Stories like that always say it so well:

After more than thirty years in ministry, I felt tired, unsure and basically burned out. I wasn’t sure where to turn. When I showed up for my first Journey retreat, I didn’t know what I was stepping into. I now realize I was stepping into a life boat God supplied to give me the transforming experience I needed to restore my soul, learn how to keep it healthy and breathe ongoing life into it to love and serve God fully for all the days I have left!

Walking this path for two years with my generation was life-giving. At our final retreat, I shared with my group, “God is no longer my employer whom I’m trying to please. He is my best friend whom I love with all that I am.”

That may sound trite, but it is huge. I know too many leaders in vocational ministry who do not walk with God as I have learned to do and their souls are shriveling up. The men and women that lead this Journey are humble, intentional, honest and sincere followers of Christ. I have never felt more loved and accepted in my life, and certainly not at any of the dozens of conferences I attended throughout my ministry career.

I have personally witnessed many leaders in ministry crash and burn. I now realize that what often leads to these outcomes produced by sin is lack of personal, spiritual soul care. The Leadership Institute exists to provide quality teaching, ample space, and Scriptural context to help all of us learn how to follow Jesus in the way He invites us; to where our load is easy, our burden is light, and our joy overflows.

Grace Cabalka
Bakersfield, CA
Journey Generation 18