Reflected Glory

A view from the top of one of the hills in the ancient stone city of Petra (Jordan)

A while back, I led a day retreat for a ministry leadership team at a home on the back bay of Newport Beach. As I sat on the lawn with the bay before me, I wrote this journal entry:

“I sit watching the afternoon sun sparkle off the back bay. A beautiful glow rises from the bay. The surface of the water looks like a diamond with many facets reflecting the light. It is a beautiful scene, but it is mirrored beauty. The glory of the bay is a reflection of the glory of the sun that makes everything live and shine. No beauty I see exists apart from the sun that shines and shows it. Whatever true honor or glory there may be in my life is only a mirrored glory. As Jesus said to his inner circle on that last night, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”

From this vantage point, I can see dozens (hundreds?) of homes, and hundreds (thousands?) of trees. Any one of these is an expression of countless human hours of work to build or tend. But from this place and time, I can see them all in a glance. This is vision. In a moment, in a phrase or sentence, we somehow capture it all. What is God wanting me to see at a glance in this moment with Him? How does God want me to thrive? What expressions of blessed ministry is God extending to me in this leg of my journey?

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