Soul Care Question #4: Unceasing Intercession?

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Paul has raised questions about God’s favor, God’s generosity and God’s lack of accusation towards us. His fourth question? “Who then is the one who condemns (8:34a)? Paul goes on to respond to that question by answering, “No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.”

Not only am I not accused, but I am not condemned. Who will have the power to condemn me when Ultimate Justice has acquitted me? No one will. Accusers will accuse and condemners will condemn, but I need not listen to such words. I could foolishly listen and give credence to them. But, they haven’t any substance in reality. Jesus Christ has proven His love, taken my penalty, and sits in authority now. He is still speaking up for my cause. He is still stands in my defense. If the evil one seeks to condemn, Jesus defends me and refuses to listen to such empty charges. Jesus is actively for me and seeking my good. It feels good when someone cares enough to take action for my good. Jesus is doing this for me all the time.

Some mornings I awake with a sense of uneasiness. It is a kind of accusing, even condemning feeling. As I reflect on that feeling now, I wonder why I wouldn’t have easily connected these Romans 8 questions about “Who will accuse?” or “Who will condemn?” with this feeling. It isn’t a feeling that rings true in the light of these queries. It is a feeling that strikes me as untrue, unreal, and unreliable. I must awake to this and trust in the intercession of Jesus for me that cannot be diminished or taken from me.

RESPONSE: Can I come to a place where I am quicker to assume the reality of this truth and slower to give any weight to feelings of accusation or condemnation? Of course I can. Will I? How might I rehearse these truths in a way that deepens my reliance on Jesus? How might I keep my ear open to the accepting words of Jesus towards me? Am I letting another voice condemn me when the Supreme Court has delivered it’s final verdict of “Not Guilty”?

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