Spiritual Practice: Scripture Journaling


One of the spiritual practices that I find enriching is to simply journal insights that come as I reflect on a particular text. Here is a journal entry from some recent reflection on the story of Bartimaeus the blind man (Mark 10:46-52). I later used this passage to open a spiritual retreat for a ministry leadership team.

  • 46 – “They came to Jericho.” When Gem and I visited Israel, we drove from Jerusalem down the hill to the Dead Sea and saw Jericho, which is a bit south and east of Jerusalem. We did not visit. Jericho was, of course, a key story in Israel’s history. Through obedience and not through human strength the walls fell.
  • 46b – Bart was at the gate of the city that Jesus and his followers were exiting. A large crowd was also tagging along to see what Jesus would do.
  • 47 – Bart was begging for his sustenance. Apparently, he knew something of Jesus’ reputation because he cried out for more than alms. He asked for mercy from one he acknowledged as Son of David. This was a royal title–a kingdom title. He affirmed that Jesus was a rightful Lord (as opposed to Caesar or Herod).

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Practice: Scripture Journaling

  1. Thanks for sharing your journal. It is encouraging to see how God opens and illumines  our eyes to the passage we read many times in a different way. I will share this with my friends.

    Bakari I. Bunga Journey Nigeria (Generation One)

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