A large part of my work these days is teaching, preaching, retreat facilitating and workshop presenting. I especially love to lead in retreat settings in which I can provide spiritual direction consultation to the process of both planning and presenting the retreat. I’d love to talk about giving guidance to your upcoming retreat.

A few themes around which I’ve taught or presented recently include:

  • Dealing with Burnout: Finding True Rest in God Alone
  • Learning to Listen to God in Prayer
  • Breaking Free from Hurry MP3 file
  • Walking with God…Not Rushing
  • Integrating Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development.
  • Spiritual Formation: The God Who Makes Us Holy mp3
  • Ministry as Overflow: Learning to Lead from Abundance
  • Living with the Classic Spiritual Writings
  • The Practice of Unhurrying Our Lives
  • The Practice of Solitude and Silence
  • Cultivating a Holy Rhythm of Life
  • Much More Fruitful: Understanding the Pruning Places Along the Way
  • God’s Grace as a Way of Life
  • Learning from the Hours of Prayer (fixed-hour prayer)

As for facilitating Christian spiritual practices in retreat settings, I have found these very fruitful:

  • Solitude & Silence: Intro, Experience & Debrief
  • Listening to God in Community
  • Strategic, leadership prayer
  • Lectio Divina: Reading the Scriptures for Transformation
  • Examen & Gratitude
  • Noticing God

I’d love to talk with you further about how I might serve your group. Go to my “Contact” page for how to reach me.

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